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Special Projects

3-D Cell Model Project
You will create a 3-D model of a plant or animal cell (your choice) using common materials. You will label the structures on the model with the name of the organelle or a number and provide a list of the organelles and their functions.
~Requirements and Limits:
*The cell can be no smaller than 4" x 6", and no larger than 9" x 12".  
*The cell must be 3-D therefore, it cannot be just a drawing.
*Be creative and use your imagination for materials.  Some ideas include: yarn, beads, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, string, straws, felt, balloons, Styrofoam, Plexiglas, food, play-doh, etc.  Be sure it will stay together and not spoil quickly!  You do not have to buy expensive materials to complete this project successfully.
*Please see me immediately if you are having difficulty obtaining supplies or if you need any assistance.
*You must identify all the organelles listed below for whichever cell you choose by either name or number on the model.
*The type of cell, your name and bell number must be identified on the model and function list.  The name and function of each organelle must be listed on a separate sheet of paper.
*You must turn in your function sheet and your model together with your name on both.
Example diagrams can be found in your textbook:
        Animal Cell:  Page 46           Plant Cell:  Page 51
~Organelles to be included in Both Cells:
cell membrane
endoplasmic reticulum
Golgi bodies
Additional organelles to be included in Plant Cells:
cell wall
***REMEMBER: Plant and Animal Cells have different shapes, and this should be reflected in your model.~

Your model will be graded using the rubric given below.  The model will be graded based completeness, use of materials, labeling, and neatness and creativity.  Please be sure to hand it in on the due date to avoid losing 10 points.  This project will not be accepted more than 1 day late.
(40 pts)                                
All organelles and structures present.
(40 pts)
Most organelles and structures present.
(30 pts)
Few organelles and structures present.
(20 pts)
No organelles and structures present.
(10 pts)
Use of Materials
(20 pts)
Many (4+) different shapes, sizes, and textures used.
(20 pts)
More than one (2-4) type of material used of different shapes, sizes, textures.
(15 pts)
Only one type of material used (other than paper).
(10 pts)
Model constructed of paper only.
(5 pts)
(28 pts)                
All structures labeled and functions are listed correctly  and clearly.
(28 pts)
Most structures are labeled and functions are listed correctly and clearly.
 (21 pts)
Many structures not labeled.  Function list is incomplete or missing; some  inaccuracies.
(14 pts)
No labels are present. No functions given; major  inaccuracies.
(7 pts)
Neatness and Creativity
(12 pts)
Time, thought, imagination  evident in model.  Nontraditional materials were used in construction.
(12 pts)
Mostly neat and careful construction.  Imagination is somewhat evident, and materials are used in imaginative ways.
(9 pts)
Very little evidence of imagination and thought.  Model is constructed with ordinary materials, and no layout planning is evident.
(6 pts)
No planning  or imagination evident. No creative materials used.
(3 pts)
Final Grade= ________points/100 points possible         =      __________________%
Superintendent: Jeffrey Pirozzolo
Phone: 315.255.8800
Address: 78 Thornton Avenue | Auburn, NY 13021