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Schedule Changes

AHS Procedures for Changing Student Schedules
*       All changes must be initiated through the school counselors
*       An Add/Drop Form must be completed and signed
*       Parent/guardian permission is required before a change is considered
*       Students must follow their current schedule and attend all classes until the change is made and a new schedule is issued
*       Requests for teacher changes or lunch changes will NOT be considered
Adding Courses
*       Students may add a course after the first five days of the beginning of the course up until the end of the first 3 weeks.
Dropping Courses
*       Parent, teacher, and school counselor signatures are required to drop a course
*       Student must attend the course for the first five days before a drop can be requested
*       Courses may be dropped within the first five weeks of the course
*       After the first five weeks of the course, principal approval is required to drop
*       Any drops that occur after the first 3 weeks (semester course) or first 6 weeks (full year course) will be documented on the student's transcript
*       Students are not allowed to drop a course during the 6th marking period
Level Changes
*       Course level changes (i.e English 10R to English 10E) will be considered during the first six weeks.
*       Discussion between the teacher, parent and school counselor should occur before a level change is made.
*       Exceptions may be made on appeal to the building principal
Superintendent: Jeffrey Pirozzolo
Phone: 315.255.8800
Address: 78 Thornton Avenue | Auburn, NY 13021
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