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AHS Counseling Department

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AHS Virtual Calming Room

Welcome to the AHS Counseling Department! Professional school counselors provide a broad range of academic, social/emotional and college/career readiness services to students.  Below are just a few examples of what we do:
* Maintain an academic "pathway to graduation" plan for each student
* Discuss academic goals and action steps with students
* Create schedules and assist with appropriate course selection
* Monitor academic eligibility for athletes
* Consult with teachers and parents regarding student progress
* Arrange parent-teacher conferences when needed
* Provide personal, brief counseling to students on any topic of concern for them
* Make referrals to outside agencies when needed
* Teach classroom-based lessons on suicide prevention and healthy relationships
* Collaborate with parents, staff and students to support students' emotional well-being
* Provide crisis intervention in school
College/Career Readiness
* Assist students with college and career goal-setting
* Help students make decisions about post-secondary plans, whether it be college, military, trade school, work force, or other plan
* Provide students and families with informational workshops
* Assist students with college and scholarship applications
* Support students and families through the college application process

Please contact your child's school counselor with questions, concerns, or feedback...we are happy to help!

Meet the AHS Counseling & Student Services Staff!

Annie Hoff
Counseling Department Secretary
Phone: (315) 255-8338
Fax: (315) 282-2801
Sara Malenick
Phone: (315) 255-8316
Fax: (315) 282-2801
Steven Crosby
School Counselor
Grades 11, 12  A-Cq
Grades 9, 10   A-Cort
Phone: (315) 255-8314
Fax: (315) 282-2801
Dr. Christine Hoskins-Tardibone
School Counselor
Grades 11, 12  Cr-Ha
Grades 9, 10   Cose-Hoga
Phone: (315) 255-8317
Fax: (315) 282-2801
Gregory Walker
School Counselor
Grades 11, 12  He-Me
Grades 9, 10    Holli-Mull
Phone: (315) 255-8318
Fax: (315) 282-2801
Jane Stryker
School Counselor
Grades 11, 12  Mi-Sc
Grades 9, 10    Munt-Skut
Phone: (315) 255-8311
Fax: (315) 282-2801
Erin Shurant
School Counselor
Grades 11, 12  Se-Z
Grades 9, 10    Slate-Z
Phone: (315) 255-8321
Fax: (315) 282-2801
George Whipple
School Social Worker
Grades 9-12 Alpha A-Z
Phone: (315) 255-8654
Fax: (315) 282-2801
Lauren Dottolo
School Psychologist
Grades 9-12 Alpha A-L
Phone: (315) 255-8327
Fax: (315) 282-2801
Kristen Weiss
School Psychologist
Grades 9-12 Alpha M-Z
Phone: (315) 255-8312
Fax: (315) 282-2801

  Margaret Smith
School Psychologist
Special Class Programs
Phone: (315) 255-8488
Fax: (315) 282-2801


All Student Services staff are bound by Federal and State law, as well as the ethical standards of the profession to protect students from serious and foreseeable harm. Therefore, they will respect the confidentiality of personal information disclosed to them, except in the following scenarios:
  • a student is in danger of harming self
  • a student is in danger of harming others
  • a student has been harmed by another person/s
  • a third party is in danger of being harmed
  • a student is in need of hospitalization
If a school counselor, psychologist or social worker receives information regarding any of the above scenarios, he/she will contact the appropriate person/s that may have a role in keeping the student safe.
Superintendent: Jeffrey Pirozzolo
Phone: 315.255.8800
Address: 78 Thornton Avenue | Auburn, NY 13021
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